Great resources for learning knit and crochet. All. By. Yourself.

Not too long ago if one wanted to learn knit or crochet they had to track down a great grandmother or find a great grandma type who was willing to give lessons.  In today’s fast paced, busy, break neck society…that’s hard.  I have a great grandmother who is still alive and would probably love to crochet with me.  (She tried, once.  It went right over my head.  I was 19 and bored.)  She lives several thousand miles away, so that’s a problem.  When we lived in Pe Ell I stumbled upon a little old lady who had a garage full of yarn.  She was more than willing to teach me, and told me to drop by in the afternoons.  That was easier said than done. I had two kids at that time and nowhere to put them while I went down to her house and crocheted.  I never took her up on the offer.

I spent many years buying crochet books and yarn only to have it sit somewhere, gathering dust.  After Levi was born I was hit with another wave of crochet madness.  I was bound and determined to get it done and at least make a scarf.  I mean good grief, if I couldn’t even get through a scarf I must be hopeless.  I pulled out another pattern and stared at it.  I crocheted along and noticed my work getting smaller.  I would start over and notice my work getting bigger.  What. the. heck.  What I really needed was someone to show me how to turn my work correctly.  Tell me where exactly to stop with the double crochets and chain threes.  That’s when it hit me.

Maybe there was a video on YouTube!  I jumped online and did a quick search and it brought up a wealth of videos.  They showed me up close and personal what to do.  I could not believe it had taken me that long to look online.  I look up everything!  Though I felt extremely blond, I was also so grateful for the amazing archive that was a couple of clicks away.

Most of my crochet know how came from watching Teresa and her Art of Crochet videos.  She has a whole series for beginners.  Her videos are very user-friendly and presented in a clear manner.  She is great for answering any questions you may have as well.



When it came to knitting, I knew I needed to go straight to YouTube.  At the exact moment I wanted to take up knitting we were in the middle of a move.  The only internet I had was on the phone.  If I wanted to see a video I had to go to the library.  Even after we arrived in Alabama, we did not have internet for weeks.  So I did what I did before and dug out a beginners knitting book.  When it came to the knit stitch I was a-okay.  The purl?  Woah.  I kept reading the words, but could not translate it to my hands.  I took to the phone and asked my friends on Facebook what I was doing wrong.  One friend explained it really well, but I just was not “getting it”.  Thankfully, Jacob started his high school program and we had to have internet.  After watching one video on the purl stitch, I slapped my forehead and away I went.  It’s amazing how big we can make something that is  so simple.  My stress about learning the stitch was my only obstacle!


There are several great videos for knitters.  I have watched several made by Knit Witch.  Really, it’s as easy as pie.  I still use YouTube when I am learning different stitches.  Some leave my head spinning!  All I have to do is type in the stitch “code” , like ssk k2tog-b or something a lot crazier than that, and a video will pop up.  There are also tons of knit and crochet blogs that will break the stitches down in text.  Some people learn by reading, some by hearing, some by seeing.  When it comes to yarn crafts, I have to see it.   That’s how I make the connection.

I am so happy to have found crochet and knit.  I am so blessed to actually enjoy it.  I think that America has lost its passion for making things.  I truly believe that has translated into a feeling of hopelessness.  I hope to teach my boys to knit and crochet and that they have families who love to create.  So go on, get out there, see what inspires you to create, and…pass it on!


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